While the Innkeepers may be the face you see at the Sheridan House Inn, our true guest experience is only made possible because of a team working diligently behind-the-scenes pulling it all together. Their hard work does not go unnoticed by our discerning guests who often say they “felt like the first person to ever stay in that room.”  Meet Team Sheridan:

Mark and Debbie Santy – Innkeepers and Owners

Woman with short gray hair and black and white polka dot shirt and man in slat and pepper hair with a blue shirt stand outside with a building and lots of trees behind them

On March 1, 2018, we purchased the Sheridan House Inn and begin this new crazy life. From the moment we saw it, we fell in love with this special place in the pines above the chaos of Route 66 in Williams and away from, yet close by to some of the greatest natural attractions in the world, including the majestic Grand Canyon.

So, how did two non-risk taking corporate types from Denver, Colorado – an engineer who loves to cook/entertain and an administrator who enjoys putting together events/activities – decide to give up their comfortable lives and careers to purchase a bed and breakfast in Northern Arizona? It had been our desire to own a business together for years, but risky ventures were not anything we ever felt comfortable with. However, we believe this is our calling, as the B&B dream just wouldn’t go away even after a number of years of putting it aside out of fear of the unknown. We were diligent in preparing in the meantime – taking seminars, staying at B&Bs, hiring consultants to assist in the process, and searching for the right opportunity. It was during our “State of our Marriage” weekend (a program we developed after having completed a national certification as marriage mentors), on our anniversary in July of 2017, that we decided we needed to take this leap of faith and follow our dream, or give it up and stay in our corporate positions until retirement; after all, our kids are grown and independent, and we aren’t getting any younger! This commitment opened doors that led us to the Sheridan House Inn. We are blessed to be here and thrilled to call this our home. We want nothing more than to pass these blessings on in everything we do here, every decision we make and every guest who comes through our doors. We welcome all and hope that you enter as our guest but leave as our friend. We are truly touched by such wonderful guests, and our returning Loyal Guests have made this lifestyle even better as we get to know them more each time they arrive.

We have 2 children, both married, and in 2021 we were excited to join the grandparent club with the birth of Jaxson. When we close the inn, you’ll often find us in Colorado or Pennsylvania visiting our kids.

We continue to come up with new services and improvements at the inn, all with the intent of making your stay more enjoyable, your trip planning easier, and to do whatever we can to give you an experience you will remember forever. We believe this is the perfect place to refresh the soul, rekindle a relationship, and to see some of the earth’s greatest treasures while being pampered. We look forward to meeting YOU and other travelers from throughout the world, as we have made the Sheridan House Inn our own.  “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – Lao Tzu. Our single step brought us to this place, and we hope it does for you, too. We look forward to meeting you.

Jesse James – Official Greeter

Every inn needs an ambassador, and here to greet you is Jesse James, a collie who was born in 2020 and continues in our previous collie’s footsteps and legacy. Jesse is still learning how to be an inn-dog, and sometimes just gets too excited to be in the public areas, but he may be around during check-in and check-out times in the common areas or out on the drive way during the day. He naps during breakfast, dinner, and is not allowed in any of the guest rooms. If you would rather not have him in public areas while you are our guest, just let us know.

We still miss our Cody the Collie, a gentle soul who loved every guest and was equally loved by every guest. He left us much too soon in February of 2020 from lymphoma. We have made a little montage of his much too short life, which you can view: Cody’s life in pictures .

Michelle Mackay – Team Co-Manager

Woman with highlighted black hair, wearing a black t-shirt smiling while standing in a wooded area

Michelle lives in Williams with her husband and family. She is a mother of 4 daughters who keep her very busy, grandmother of 5 boys, and is devoted to her family. They are as devoted to her, and we can see why. We’ve never met anyone so positive and full of life – it’s contagious as everyone loves being around her. Michelle has been with the Sheridan House Inn since 2016, and we are grateful she chose to stay on and be so valuable to the operations of the inn. We are so glad that Michelle is back in a manager role, following a long battle with covid. You’ll see her working week days and can often be found in our kitchen baking

Sarah Gutierrez - Team Co-Manager

Woman with blond hair pulled back from face, in a black v-neck t-shirt smiling in a wooded area

Sarah moved from California to Williams in 2020 with her husband and two grade school age children. Not one to ever sit still, we are thrilled that she wanted to make a difference and joined our team in March of 2021. She is here most week days when the kids are in school or recreation programs in the summer. Sarah has boundless energy and a contagious enthusiasm for everything she does here to keep this place sparkling clean and organized. There isn’t anything she isn’t willing to tackle, and she does it with excellence. Family is so important to Sarah, and when she isn’t here, she is with extended family, entertaining them locally, camping in their motor home, driving to California, or while boating on the Colorado River. She is always on the go and her family stories are very entertaining.

Carol Harris - Weekend Manager

Carol lives outside of Ash Fork and joined our team in April of 2022 and quickly became such a wonderful encourager to everyone here. She took over the role of weekend manager but will also fill in during the week when needed, in the kitchen or housekeeping. Carol moved here from Oregon where her children and grandchildren still reside. When not working, she enjoys painting and enjoying her property and animals, including chickens.

Leilahni Mackay - Breakfast Assistant and Housekeeper

Teen girl with very long light brown highlighted hair, wearing a black t-shirt and standing in front of a wooded area

Leilahni is a senior at Williams High School, and is a very busy teen. She is nearly always playing one of many sports, cheerleading or managing one of the school teams. She works mostly on Sundays and in the summer. She started with us in May of 2020 and we are happy to see her lovely smile and sweet personality whenever she is available.

Sara Scott - Team Sheridan

Lovingly called Sara2 by our everyone here, Sara can be found doing just about anything around the property, from maintenance, to landscaping, to plumbing, to housekeeping to dishes and breakfast. She came on board in June of 2023, as she wanted to try something new in an unstressed environment so she would have time to continue providing care to her mother and sister, but her years of experience working in a hardware store, in the military and many other things have made her quickly be such an asset to our team. She’s not at all afraid of getting her hands dirty, yet she has that beautiful calm side which our guests so enjoy.