****Update regarding stays during the COVID-19 Outbreak:  Staying at a B&B is often a very social experience, but we know that there is a “new normal” when traveling anywhere now and in the foreseeable future.  We are now offering “Stay In the Inn” dinners we will serve for a private dinner here in your room, on one of our outdoor living spaces, or in our dining room. We can send you details if you are interested. Your care and your safety and your enjoyment are all at the forefront of everything we do.  Feel free to reach out by phone for details 928-635-8991.****


Make your Arizona vacation or weekend getaway at The Sheridan House Inn unforgettable with one of our specials listed below. These indulgent packages provide a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, surprise your loved one, or add a little something extra to make your visit to the Grand Canyon especially memorable.

Special Events, Activities & Packages

We love holidays and other special reasons for guests to visit The Sheridan House Inn. It is part of what makes going to a B&B so memorable. We want to give our guests reasons to come back!! Our first couple of years have been devoted to needed renovations and upgrades to the infrastructure, but now we hope to take some of our millions of ideas for specials and make them become reality.

Here are some of the Special Events we have done and wish to continue:

  • Inviting our guests to join us for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Christmas Eve complimentary open house with appetizers and drinks
  • Christmas Day dessert and evening drinks with our guests
  • New Year’s Eve spread and drinks
  • Mother’s Day special breakfast and gifts
  • Father’s Day special breakfast and gifts
  • Lover’s Special for Valentine’s Day
  • B&Bs for Vets program offering a free room on Veteran’s Day for vets or active military

We have thoughts for group dinners, cooking weekends, intimate dinners for two and other ideas. Check this page before your stay for upcoming specials.

Picnic For Two

Outdoor picnic with blue cooler, fruit, chips, drinks and two sub sandwiches in red and white checkered paper

$30 + tax (return cooler) $60 + tax (keep cooler)

We can prepare a picnic for check-in night’s sunset at the Canyon, or you can fill out our order form at check-in & we’ll have it ready in the morning in our custom cooler.  We’ll give you a blanket so you can eat whenever and wherever you are ready for a break.

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Charcuterie Board

Two wooden charcuterie boards or meat, crackers, cheeses and fruit on a table

$30 + tax

Enjoy a special selection of artisan cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, crackers and fresh fruit on 2 boards, one chilled in your room refrigerator.  Let us know when you’d like it, and we will have it in your room.  A great way to unwind after a day of touring the sights.

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Chocolate Delight

Two decorative bowls with varieties of chocolate bark and two tall wine glasses

$18 + tax

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat at the end of a vacation day?  A selection of 3 kinds of premium chocolate bark, handmade for us at “Oh Sweetie” in Williams, will be waiting in your room whenever you desire.  Everyone deserves sweetness!

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“Love in the Pines” Rose Arrangement

Bouquet of eight red roses with greenery in a glass vase

$40 + tax

We designed this strikingly simple arrangement to combine the beauty of the pine forest and the emotion of love with a dozen roses, pine cones, and pine boughs.  Order at least a day ahead and surprise the one you love.

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Decorated Mini Cake for 2

decorated and frosted mini layer cake with sprinkles

$12 + tax

Celebrating something while you are here?  Let us take the hassle out of a surprise for you. We will purchase a 2-layer decorated mini-cake, personalize it, and have it ready in your room upon arrival, or whenever you desire it. We’ll have it in a glass domed plate, and include the utensils, plates and napkins for the occasion. Let us know a favorite flavor (based on availability), how to personalize it, and what to say on the card.

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Fancy Cake for 2

layered cake with cream filling and topped with strawberries and whipped cream

$17 + tax

What’s more fun or romantic than a late night dessert shared between the two of you.  We’ll have a small gourmet cake in a glass domed plate with utensils, plates and napkins. We do the work and you just enjoy every bite. Let us know your 2 favorites – fruit, chocolate, Oreo, peanut butter cup, Boston creme – and we’ll pick it based on availability.

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Balloon Bouquet

colorful balloon arrangement with mylar

$25 + tax

Surprise the one you love – whatever the occasion – with a bouquet of helium balloons with a personalized card set up in your room upon arrival.  We’ll include 11 latex and 1 mylar balloon.  Let us know the occasion, color preferences and wording for the card and we’ll take care of the details.

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Customized Inn-dulgence

tell us what you want - customized Inn-dulgence

Price to be determined

Our guests come to the Sheridan House Inn for as many different reasons as there are guests. If there is something that we can do for you to make your stay the best experience possible, let us know in advance and we will work with you to customize something special for a special someone.

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