How great would it be to have your own personal chef while on vacation here at Sheridan House Inn? That’s what it’s like when you choose to have our “Stay In the Inn” dinner here – besides, who wants the hassles of going back out after traveling or seeing the sights all day. Guests love the convenience, personal service, romantic ambiance, & our passion for food at dinner, which we serve 4 nights a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Enjoy intimate candlelight dining on one of our porches (weather permitting) or in our dining room.  A generous pour drink (including alcohol) is included, and no gratuity is expected. Any meal can be gluten free, a grilled portobello mushroom steak can be a vegetarian substitute for any of the meat, and other modifications can be arranged. Dinner is served hot off the grill/smoker at a time you select in advance between 6:00-7:30pm. Make dinner selections anytime ahead or no later than at breakfast of the same day. Order your entrees (and don’t forget appetizer, soup, salad and dessert if desired) by calling the inn at 928-635-8991, texting 928-414-9186 or emailing Credit card will be charged when you order.

Many B&Bs are only licensed to serve breakfast, but because we have a commercial kitchen and restaurant license, we are able to do more for our guests. We began serving dinners in the early months of Covid-19, when people definitely didn’t want to eat out, and they instantly became a hit. Not only are they convenient, but they provide the most intimate dining experience in the Grand Canyon area. Our menu may be small, but know that everything is cooked fresh for you, no microwaving to heat up pre-cooked foods. Cooked-to-order takes time, which is why we need your entrée selections ahead. It’s about as close to home cooking as you can get, without any of the work – Innkeeper Mark as your personal chef!

Because many guests were disappointed if they were here on a night we didn’t offer dinner, we now have another dinner option which is available every night. Our Gourmet Dinner Art-Cuterie Board is more than enough for dinner, and is much bigger than our “Inn-dulgence” Charcuterie Board, which is appetizer-size. We deliver it freshly made to you on most nights, anytime between 4-9pm. We need your order ahead or by noon on the day you want to dine in.

Don’t forget that we also offer special holiday-themed dinners on all the major holidays.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

plate of spaghetti noodles with red sauce, meatballs, parmesan cheese and 2 pieces of garlic covered French bread

Al dente spaghetti topped with homemade smoked red sauce and 2 large house smoked (or plant based) meatballs. Served with garlic bread and a complimentary drink. Can be made gluten free or vegetarian/vegan with plant-based meatballs or extra sauteed vegetables. $32+tax

Grilled Salmon Salad

plate with lettuce, vegetables with a salmon on top ablesilverware and tablecloth and drinks

Freshly grilled salmon filet on a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, balsamic, and croutons with a creamy dill dressing. Served with a baguette for dipping in olive oil and spices, along with complimentary drink. Can be made gluten free and vegetarian/vegan substitutions available. $34+tax

Gourmet Smoked Chicken Breast

plate with pile of browned potato pieces, broccoli, chicken with a coating, gravy boat and a pepper

Seasoned and smoked chicken breast served with a classic beurre blanc sauce on the side, along with freshly cooked vegetables, seasoned pan-fried potatoes, and a complimentary drink. This meal is gluten free and vegetarian substitutions can be arranged. $37+tax

Spicy Jumbo Shrimp

Butterflied jumbo shrimp sauteed in a Peruvian chile lime seasoning atop a bed of creamy sweet potato puree drizzled with Guacatillo sauce, along with freshly cooked vegetables. Served with a baguette/olive oil dipping sauce and a complimentary drink. Can be made gluten free.  $37+tax

Sous Vide New York Strip Steak

plate with a steak, asparagus, baked potato and a sliced pepper

14-day dry aged Arizona grass-fed New York Strip, prepared to your desired doneness in a Sous Vide, and finished on the grill. Served with freshly cooked vegetables, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and a complimentary drink. This is gluten free. $47+tax

Soup and Salad Light Dinner

black photo with the words Photo Coming Soon

A large crock of our homemade decadent French Onion Soup OR bowl of homemade Creamy Wild-Rice Vegetable Soup AND a dinner-size Caesar or garden salad with a complimentary drink. $28+tax

Appetizer - Shrimp Cocktail

black photo with the words Photo Coming Soon

4 chilled jumbo shrimp served with house-made cocktail sauce and a breadstick. To share or not to share, that is the question!  $12+tax

Starter - French Onion Soup

brown soup crocks with handles with cheese dripping down the sides and cheese with bread overflowing the top

A crock of homemade French Onion Soup is delicious, but when served from the broiler oozing in melted mozzarella over French bread, this is truly a decadent way to start your Sheridan House meal. $8+tax

Starter - Veggie Wild Rice Soup

black photo with the words Photo Coming Soon

A crock of homemade Creamy Vegetable Wild Rice Soup (which is also dairy and gluten free), comes with a grilled toast point (can be gluten free) $8+tax

Starter - Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce in a towl with croutons

Romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and gourmet croutons. $7+tax

Starter - Garden Salad

lettuce in a bowl with onion, cucumber & tomatoes

Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion, croutons & ranch, Italian or balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. $8+tax

Dessert - Creme Brulee

small round white dish with fresh fruit atop of creamy pudding with caramelized sugar topping

There is nothing finer than the creamy vanilla custard of the French classic dessert, and no better sound than cracking the caramelized sugar topping as you spoon it out. Don’t even think about sharing, as it’s just too good. $10+tax

Dessert - Molten Lava Cake

chocolate cake oozing with chocolate filling, with whipped cream on top and fresh raspberries

Warm chocolate cake oozing with hot chocolate lava, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream will be the perfect ending to your Sheridan House Inn dinner.  $10+tax

Dessert - Roast your Own S'Mores for 2

2 people with sticks roasting marshmallows over a small flame with a wood bowl with marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolates and cookies

We’ll bring a mini-firepit to your table, in the dining room or out on our main porch, along with marshmallows for you to roast. You’ll receive a tray of traditional and new crackers, chocolates and cookies to make your own personalized “sandwich” treats – and, yes, you will always want “some more.” You can also order these any night from 6-9pm. $17+tax

Available every night - Gourmet Dinner Art-Cuterie Board

This is more than enough for dinner for the 2 of you, with shrimp, meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, bread, crackers, fruit, nuts and sweets. It’s perfect for those nights you just want to relax in your room with a movie or out on our porch by the fire. $70+tax