Special Occasions

We love celebrating LOVE, and we are passionate about honoring LOVE at Sheridan House Inn. Please let us know if there is a special occasion for your visit – we treat you even more special for anniversaries, honeymoons, babymoons, proposals and birthdays. If you have a special request or anything we can do for your special someone during your stay, please let us know and we will do all we can to make it happen.

Just the Two of You Time

Every loving relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for in a time for just the two of you away from the daily grind and stresses of life. Our secluded and peaceful environment is perfect for that, a place to reconnect and rekindle with the one you love. Whether for a night or a week, as a standalone getaway or part of an extended vacation, let the surroundings of  Sheridan House Inn take you away and help you leave better than you came. We especially know the value of this for parents with children still at home, as it is so easy to lose sight of the love for your spouse/partner during those years. We are a child-free environment so you can totally unplug from parenting and plug into each other here.

“State of Our Marriage” Getaway

Our purchase of this inn came to be after we developed a “State of Our Marriage” program.  We went on a getaway to develop a Marriage Mission and Values Statement, along with setting goals with strategies to achieve those goals for our life together. We had been looking for an inn for a number of years, but it was after this time of real reflection and purpose that doors opened and clarity ensued. We have been blessed by taking the time to make our relationship a priority and highly valued by this process.

We have a copy of our Marriage Mission on display at Sheridan House Inn; many guests have asked us about it, photographed it, or wanted to know more. It became obvious that couples desire more in their own relationships, so we have formalized the process we did into our “State of our Marriage” Getaway Program. It is available by request for couples in a relationship to complete while at Sheridan House Inn for at least a consecutive 2-night stay. This is something that can’t be hurried. It includes individual and couple exercises to complete, along with time for reflection whether at the Grand Canyon or other tourist spots, or in the privacy of your room. You’ll leave your getaway with an assessment of your relationship, a mission to guide your future, and a tangible focus for the coming year. This could be the most important “State of the Union” you’ll ever hear.

A Final Word from Mark and Debbie…

We have witnessed some great love stories during our short time here as the owners of  Sheridan House Inn. This is truly a place where love resides and grows, from proposals to mark a new journey together, to 50th wedding anniversaries, to the first “I love you,” and even to reconciliations of relationships. We have been humbled to hear from guests who spent their last anniversary together with us and who grieve over a love taken from them too soon. The truth is, none of us knows the future, so live while you can, love while you can, and celebrate each day as the gift that it is. We are honored to be a part of each celebration. Thank you for the privilege.