Cast iron pan filled with breakfast hash of meat and potatoes topped with fried eggs and diced green onion

Fall Breakfast Skillet

On a crisp autumn morning in the mountains, a good hearty breakfast is truly food for the soul.  Our skillet breakfast, complete with cooked cubed pumpkin and served sizzling in a piping hot mini cast iron pan, always turns heads in the dining room when we serve it.  Make sure to use a “pie pumpkin” for the fresh pumpkin; these are small, not the big ones in the stores for carving.... view full recipe

Delicious carrot and fruit muffin with a white wrapper on a white plate

Morning Glory Veggie Muffins

This little gem of a treat has made breakfast pastries possible for those with many dietary restrictions.  While it is grain free, dairy free and sugar free, its combination of vegetables and fruits makes it a delectable little morsel of goodness.... view full recipe

Glass bowl with homemade oatmeal and slice of kiwi, blueberries and sliced bananas

Sheridan House Oatmeal

Our oatmeal has made converts out of those who thought oatmeal just came from little packets. We continually hear, “This is the best oatmeal ever.”  It’s easy but it does take time, and the variations are endless by using different seasonings, fruits and flavors.  ... view full recipe