Travel Is Stressful, But This Destination Is Worth It

pine branch with blue sky and the words "Endure the stress to get here...and let the de-stress beginThere are blogs upon blogs out there with tips to make travel less stressful. Google it and you’ll find them, but really, what can you do about the inevitable things that go wrong and people that disappoint?  As Innkeepers of the Sheridan House Inn, most days you’ll find us serving our guests at this busy luxury B&B, but we recently got to do some traveling, both in the USA and outside our borders. We had the delightful experiences of flying, renting cars, figuring out what to do and where to eat, just like our guests do when they come here.

And, let us tell you – it’s all so challenging, exhausting and stressful. We dealt with delayed flights, rude or non-existent customer service people (not to mention just dealing with others who are traveling), family emergencies, weather challenges, road construction, long lines & getting in wrong lines, all the work to do to leave and again when back home, and more. There were moments in each trip we wondered if leaving home is even worth it. However, more often than that, we thought of the people who come through our doors as our guests, and the equally difficult time they have just to get here to be those guests of the Sheridan House. We salute each one of them for what they endured just to get here. This realization has made us now more committed than ever to be a different kind travel business, one that instead de-stresses you, a place where you know you are cared for, where the details matter, and where you leave better than you arrived! Our forested locale alone will begin that process, but it is the unparalleled hospitality of Team Sheridan that also brings guests back over and over, and is now winning us accolades. It’s always been what we strive for, and we are now more committed to making treasured memories for all who come here. 

– Mark and Debbie Santy, owners/innkeepers of Sheridan House Inn

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