Saying Good-bye to a Furbaby Family Member

It’s been a little over 2 months since we said good-bye to Cody, our collie who was the greeter and most gentle soul “Inn dog” here at the Sheridan House Inn.  There wasn’t a guest who Cody didn’t love – and he so enjoyed filling in for their furry family members left at home while they were vacationing.  And there was hardly a guest who didn’t love him back with just as much passion.  For those initially anxious about such a big fellow, his calm demeanor quickly won them over, and we know he has graced many a Facebook or Instagram post.  He took his role here so seriously and adjusted to life as an ambassador for the Sheridan House very quickly.  We figure the lymphoma must have been ravaging his body for awhile – yes, cancer sucks as so many of you know – but he never let on until one day he stopped eating.  How brave our little guy was, but within just a couple of days of diagnosis, his organs began shutting down and we had to make the hardest decision of our lives.  Most all dog lovers go through this at some point, and while the pain fades, it is always with you.  While it was the most excruciating day, in so many ways it was also so peaceful and loving.  So humane in every way.  When he could no longer be the dog he wanted to be, he looked to us to make it better, and he seemed to know because a peace came over him, even on the car ride to the veterinary office.  He knew he was loved and he went to sleep for the very last time in our arms.

To all our guests who loved him, we thank you for making Cody’s last years so enjoyable.  We know he touched your lives, as so many of you wrote about him in your journals in our guest rooms and in your reviews.  We also thank so many of you for your loving sentiments after hearing of his passing.  It helped us through.  To all who have said good-bye to their loving furbabies, we feel your loss and we know they are truly members of the family.  We believe we will see these loving creatures again one day, and that they now are running free.

Watch a video here that we made of Cody’s life. While nothing can every replace our believed Cody the collie, we believe every B&B needs an inn-dog, and we have just welcomed Jesse James, collie puppy, to carry on the legacy begun by Cody.  Life goes on!


2 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to a Furbaby Family Member

  1. Because my Husband and I own 2 Collies we picked Sheridan Inn because we saw the picture of Cody, and thought it would be a Great place to stay if they loved Collies.
    Indeed it was, Debbie and Mark are Wonderful Host, the day we arrived Cody met us at the door. It was so Wonderful seeing Him and of course Debbie and Mark. Each day after breakfast he would come out and greet us and play. He made us feel so good because we were missing our own Collie Furbabies. Cody will be truly Missed by all. We also lost one of our Collie Furbabies. They are so much a part of our Families.
    Now Deb and Mark have gotten Jesse to love, and we are so Excited to visit and meet him soon. We too have gotten a new Collie member to Love.
    The Furbabies We have Lost will never leave Our Hearts, But the New Furbabies Will Bring Us Such New Love and Memories.❤❤

    Love Bonnie and Rick, Lucy and Heidi from Wisconsin.

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