Is This Your Grand Canyon Time?

Grand Canyon National Park South Rim never closes…but it did during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is opening up in phases; parts of this majestic – and gigantic – canyon will be open 24/7 beginning June 5, 2020.  2020, and even 2021, may be perfect for a trip to a place that often brings visitors to their knees in awe when seeing it, especially when away from crowds. While more than 6 million people typically visit the South Rim annually, a great many are from outside the United States, and international travel has been brought to a halt for now, so this may be the best year to visit the grandest of canyons. As the park continues to become more accessed, its many miles of rim allow for disbursement of crowds throughout the far reaches & even into the canyon. This might be your Grand Canyon time, for as President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in the kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.”  The Grand Canyon is one of the “7 Natural Wonders of the World,” the only one in the USA.

However, due to its sheer size and the changing situation with what is open, visitors need a plan so they don’t become overwhelmed or disappointed. For instance, we here at the Sheridan House Inn, in Williams, AZ, one hour from the Grand Canyon and location of the Grand Canyon railway train depot, tailor an itinerary with each of our guests to best meet their desires for their Grand Canyon adventure. We suggest everyone make sure to have a local “expert” to assist in navigating your trip, as it will make all the difference.

If the park shuttle buses aren’t operational this year (they haven’t yet made that announcement), we would recommend using the Bright Angel Bikes to rent bicycles which will allow you to get up on Hermits Rest Road for some amazing viewpoints. For something even more convenient, and the ability to see more, going with a commercial tour company may be a good option. The park has motor coach tours which begin again July 15th, learn more.  We have also gone on tours from these 3 tour companies which we highly recommend, although we aren’t sure at this time when the park will begin allowing outfitters. Canyon Dave Tours picks you up here at the inn.  A Different View Tours offers all day and half day tours, with a pick-up in Williams for the full-day tour, and Pink Jeep offers shorter tours from right outside the park.

There are plenty of ways to keep away from crowds, even at this busiest of national parks. Guests who have stayed with us love our “secret spot” which we tell them about when they check-in.  It’s amazingly private, romantic and out of the way, perfect for one of our picnics.

We would love to have you be our guest at our upscale and romantic B&B, for adults, an oasis in the forest of this desert state, for your trip to the Grand Canyon. Coming back to a beautiful room, the cool mountain air, and maybe a drink by the fire pit after a day at the canyon prepares you for a wonderful night’s sleep in our luxurious beds, and our breakfasts fill you for the next day’s adventures. Check it out at


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