Now, More Than Ever, It’s About Relationships

Humans want what we can’t have – in the midst of a global pandemic those wants include hugs and handshakes, human touch. We miss those simple gestures and often can’t even flash a smile to brighten someone’s day, as our faces are covered for protection. Now, more than ever, people must make opportunities to connect with one another, if not physically, then in other ways. We are innkeepers of a B&B known for personalized hospitality; in this age of COVID we have made a conscious decision to not compromise on that, deliberately connecting with our guests, while still balancing the need for safety. We’ve found that people come here to escape the world for a few moments and truly enjoy human interaction and genuine caring.

While we do this to serve our guests, we have been continually humbled by their responses. People, including us, are craving relationship, and our guests have given us just as much as we have given, if not more. We’ve received gifts, cards, and even cash from guests as they leave, when they arrive, or even after they return home, each one thanking us. We’ve been blown away by these gestures of kindness, and have appreciated every single one. All we are doing is what we always do, but in today’s world where respect, let alone genuine caring, seems to be missing, it turns a quick getaway into something so much more.

Now, more than ever, make building relationships a priority, for a card, call, text or email may become a treasured keepsake memory for someone, just like what this email from Teresa means to us:  “My heart truly and genuinely goes out to the both of you. Just about the time you think you may be able to take a small breath of air, another life changing event happens…I choose to not let this defeat me, I choose to celebrate life with good friends, and family.  As for our anniversary, this year is 26!  Last year we did 25 with you both, and it was absolutely lovely!  We truly just want to get away for quiet time together.”  

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