Still Travel…But Differently…And Smarter

It’s just human nature to want something even more when you can’t have it. Right? One thing this time of COVID-19 “stay at home” orders all over the world has shown us is that we thrive when we can get out and see and do things.  We’ve taken “virtual vacations” on our computers and binge-watched television of far off places, but we all know it isn’t the same as actually experiencing it. At this point, many of us are saying we don’t even care where, but we just need a change of scenery, an escape from the walls which have closed in. Some of us love planning and the anticipation of a future vacation gives us joy now.  As the world begins to open up from the isolation of the pandemic outbreak, you may want a getaway more than anything, but you question whether it’s okay to do so.

The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, but we also can’t stay in our homes forever.  Every person will need to assess their risks as well as the risk of exposure to those in their lives who are most vulnerable.  Many people will be able to travel, it will be good for the soul to get away, but it must be done wisely. Perhaps this is the year to travel closer to home, take an old-fashioned “road trip” or rent an RV.  Go places off the beaten path or where there are vast stretches of open land, fresh air or wilderness, rather than big cities, crowded theme parks, or cruises.  Go somewhere in your own state that you’ve always been putting off.  Take a hike, rent a boat, or sit gazing at a sunset someplace new.

Where you lay your head at night is of particular importance now and for the foreseeable future. While hotel chains are stepping up their cleaning protocols very publicly, the truth is that those procedures should have been in place all along. A “better way to stay” exists in a smaller, intimate property where the owners most often also live right on site, so you know the attention to the smallest details is of importance. You’ll find that independently owned inns and bed and breakfasts come in as many variations as there are innkeepers, but one thing most all innkeepers have is passion to give our guests the best experience possible.  Guests have the opportunity to communicate not with a voice at the front desk, but with the owner who will be overseeing preparing your room, making your breakfast and the one with insider knowledge of the area.  We know the “hidden gems” to send you to away from crowds.  We’ve added picnics and now even “Stay In the Inn” private dinners for our guests so they have even less risk of exposure.  There is comfort for guests getting this one-on-one relationship that you won’t find at hotels and vacation rentals.

Be encouraged to try staying in a Bed and Breakfast or small inn when you venture out of your homes.  We would love show you our special brand of northern Arizona hospitality here at the Sheridan House Inn near the Grand Canyon, Sedona and so much more.  Let the peacefulness of our forested location be a special getaway for you and a special someone; we don’t accommodate kids under age 16, so it’s perfect for a little romance in the pines.

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